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WGOM Summer Mix 2015 (OFFICIAL POST)

Okay, so, a couple of hiccups. I would like to note the following amends:
Algonad: I already had that song in my library, so while looking for the ones I didn't have, I told myself I'd throw that one in later. Never did. Sorry.
Zack: I originally couldn't find that Eskimeaux track and was going to get back to it, but never followed up. The Speedy Ortiz track was the last song to be cut, so if it's not too uncool, I'm just going to reintroduce that one.
Whoever's supplemental tracks I ended up cutting (still haven't checked who submitted what again): I debated between just adding the previously noted tracks, or to keep true to the original 90 minute idea. I came down on the latter.

Should you feel like it, I've added a ratings bar to this post. Let us know what you think of this years mix (and if you're saucy enough, tell us why below).

Anyway, with a slightly rejiggered lineup, here is the official WGOM Summer Mix 2015:

Track#Dude(s)/Dudette(s)Track Name
01.Jamie xxGosh
03.Courtney BarnettPedestrian At Best
04.WALK THE MOONShut Up And Dance
05.Carpenter BrutTurbo Killer
06.Vinny Chase ft. Kid Art Harlem Roses
07.Sleater-KinneyHey Darling
08.Alabama ShakesThe Greatest
09.San FerminJackrabbit
10.Black DietNothing to Say
11.Mark Ronson Ft. Amy WinehouseValerie
12.Joywave Tongues ft KOPPSTongues
13.Kendrick Lamar King Kunta
14.JD McPhersonLet The Good Times Roll
15.HospitalityI Miss Your Bones
16.La LuzPink Slime
17.BleachersI Wanna Get Better
18.Speedy OrtizMy Dead Girl
19.DestroyerDream Lover
20.EULALike No Other
21.Father John MistyChateau Lobby #4 (In C For Two Virgins)
22.Sturgill SimpsonLiving The Dream
23.James BayHold Back The River
24.Built To SpillWhen I'm Blind

I've created a revised Spotify playlist (I also couldn't find the Vinny Cha$e song), however I can't figure out a way to get it to play in order (again, song order was heavily considered). In that case, one could conceivably check this out (EDIT: if you want a link to the mix in a way that can loaded the opposite of up, email me at my user name (no spaces or puncuation)/at\the domain of this here website.

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2015 All-Star Game – Cincinnati

Each year since 2004, in their fall Updates & Highlights release, Topps includes special game-used jersey cards of (almost) each of the participants, which are inserted randomly in packs. In honor of Perk's third AS Game and Dozier's first, here are all the Twins cards made...so far.

2004: Joe Nathan
as 2004

2005: Joe Nathan, Johan Santana
as 2005

2006: Joe Mauer, Johan Santana, Francisco Liriano (not included)
as 2006

2007: Justin Morneau, Torii Hunter, Johan Santana
as 2007

2008: Joe Mauer (starter), Joe Nathan, Justin Jason Morneau
as 2008

2009: Joe Nathan, Joe Mauer (starter)
as 2009

2010: Joe Mauer (starter)
as 2010

2011: Michael Cuddyer
as 2011

2012: Joe Mauer
as 2012

2013: Glen Perkins, Joe Mauer (starter)
as 2013

2014: Glen Perkins, Kurt Suzuki (not included)
as 2014

Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, OH 6PM on FOX
Tonight's starters: Houston Astros first timer Dallas Keuchel vs LA Dodgers 3-time All-Star Zack Greinke

For a safe bet, put your money on neither starter going more than three innings. Will Perk get a second consecutive save?

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