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2022 Game 59: Yankees at Twins

I put in to work the first game of the Yankees series but didn't get scheduled. Just as well, it was a downer of a game. Last night was much better, and televised in a manner that allowed me watch, a rarity these days. It was a mirror image of the first game, really, competitive until the later innings when one of the bullpens caved in. So far the hometown nine have held their own against the top of the AL East, winning the Toronto series on the road and facing a rubber game with the Yankees tonight to decide this series. We'll see what tonight and the weekend tilts against Tampa Bay hold, but so far we've gone toe-to-toe against the East and held our own. Taking two of three from the best team in baseball right now would make a real statement, and I'm hoping the Twins end this one with a bang, not a whimper.

Dylan Bundy, the Pride of Tulsa, takes the mound for the Gemini tonight. He's started nine games this year, winning three and losing three with no decision in three. His ERA stands at 5.57 and his WHIP at 1.45 so if he can give the team five innings and hold the Yanks to 2-3 runs I'd consider that a mostly successful outing. Gerrit Cole gets the start for the Yankees. He's good, he's always been good, a first-round draft pick twice over with a .656 career winning percentage. Cole is 5-1 in 11 starts this year with a 2.78 ERA (2.03 over his last 8 starts), 0.96 WHIP and 81 punch-outs in 65 innings pitched. And he's coming off one of the most dominant performances of his career. The ass-bats must be given no quarter tonight.

Play ball!

2021 Game Log 22 — MN Twins at Cleveland Baseball Club

Oof. Another frustrating loss and now they are starting to pile up and the SSS factor is slipping away. The Twins have been wielding the assiest of ass bats lately with no one without the name Cruz or Buxton on the back of their jerseys having any success at the plate whatsoever. Combine that with a bullpen that coughs up leads faster than my dog coughs up dead squirrel and you've got a team with twice as many loses as wins.

Kenta Maeda on the mound for the Twins and lets' hope a nice recovery from last weeks lousy outing. Civale for Cleveland and he's had a decent year, not a big strike out guy so hopefully the Twins can put some balls in play today. 5:10p start time

Twins Line Up

2B - Arraez
3B - Donaldson
CF - Buxton
DH - Cruz
LF - Kirillof
1B - Astudillo
RF - Cave
C - Garver
SS - Simmons

Hey Simmons back in the lineup!