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FMD: July 7, 2017 – Ken Griffey’s Grotesquely Swollen Jaw

I'll be heading up to the Twins game tonight. For some reason that put into my head the classic Simpsons' tune "We're Talkin' Softball." Which made me think of other original songs from the Simpsons. Which made me smile a whole lot. ("Can I play the piano any more?" "Of course you can!" "Well I couldn't before.")

I also thought of some of the great original songs from other TV properties (Bob's Burgers comes immediately to mind), and how that overlap of original music and TV can really carry a joke through, often beyond the show. It might really be a comedic thing for the most part?

Anyway, let's talk about the use of original music in TV shows or something like that. And shave our sideburns.

FMD 5/19/17 – Score A Baseball Game

Watching the game last night, I heard Target Field play "Let It Be" during the challenge review. "Pretty clever," I thought, before realizing that that's surely happened at football and hockey games too, and long before baseball.

Still... it generated this idea. Go ahead and select the musical score for a baseball game. Here's the standard categories, and add your own as you see fit (or steal from others that others see fit). Heck, suggest a category for others too - no need to have an answer before you ask the question!

Home Run
Intentional Walk
Strikeout (swinging? looking?)
Stolen Base
Caught Stealing
Double Play
Great fielding play
Umpire Review (overturn, uphold)
Injury time out
Pitching change
Second pitching change in an inning
Starter gets pulled after a great outing
Rain delay (just one song)
Delay because of streaker/animal on the field/other unusual
Walkoff win