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WGOM Mini-Caucus (lunch) – DWNTWN MPLS

Just got off the phone interwebs with Pepper and realized something - Did we nail this thing down?

Seems the consensus last week was that a Thursday meeting at Be'Witched would be convenient for most involved. Washington isn't close to where I'm at, but seems close to where y'all are working so I'm happy to make a trip over - maybe swing by and pick up Dread Pirate enroute.

I can take lunch anytime. The questions are:

Does Thursday, April 3 work for you?

What time works best for you?

WGOM Radio – CarterHayes BKaC


Welcome back to WGOM Radio. Our next episode is a discussion between CarterHayes and me, MagUidhir. I've already apologized to CH directly about the audio quality. We had a great discussion, but I feel like I let him down by not capturing his input very well. I obviously didn't set up the settings correctly after reinstalling everything on my new hard drive And now I apologize you, the listener, for the jarring transitions between speakers. I promise future episodes will be better. Come for the comparison between Mike Trout and Jason Tyner, stay for the rundown of the 1998 Royals roster.

To join us, email me at acm006 [at] [g]mail and we'll set up a time.