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Game 50.1: Twins at Red Sox

Big Pelf (4-1, 2.77 ERA, 4.50 xFIP) vs. Bucholz (2-6, 4.33 ERA, 3.15 xFIP)

Well this all feels pretty familiar. I feel like I just previewed this pitching match up last Tuesday. That particular contest was shockingly both a pitcher's duel and won by the Pelfster. It'd be pretty great if they Twins could just score a bunch of runs on Bucholz this time and completely avoid having to rely on a 2-1 victory.

Of course, I do see some more rain in the forecast, so who knows if this game will happen or suffer the same fate as Monday's game, the poor bastard.

Game 45: Red Sox at Twins

Bucholz (2-5, 4.58 ERA, 3.12 xFIP) vs. Big Pelf (3-1, 3.00 ERA, 4.74 xFIP)

The Twins take on the Red Sox tonight holding second place in the AL Central all by themselves. Many articles have been written about how crazy it is, and in the spirit of that craziness, the Twins turn to the Big Pelf himself to keep up his recent resurgence to help once again vanquish the Red Sox, who play in the crappy AL East.

It'd be nice if the Twins can get some early offense AND some late offense. Its nice their getting runs in bunches, but games that start out with six or seven runs just don't feel all that comfortable when they aren't adding any insurance.

Game 20: Tigers vs. Twins

Sanchez (1-2, 5.96 ERA) vs. Big Pelf! (1-0, 2.65 ERA)

Welcome back to Tuesday game previews, Big Pelf!

Admittedly, he had a pretty good outing in his last start. It could even be argued that his last two were good. Hopefully that is something he can keep up tonight, although with his allergies to strikeouts, that may be difficult against the Tigers. A quick look at his 4.99 xFIP doesn't fill me with a ton of confidence that this isn't just smoke and mirrors.

I'm going to be in Toledo for the next couple days, so I might actually be able to watch this series. I hope to see a win against this dang team.

Game 150: Two of the Same Thing vs. Colorless Socks

Big Pelf (5-12,  5.31 ERA) vs. Quintana (7-6, 3.56 ERA)

I check the standings when I remember to prepare a game log to figure out which game number to put in the title, and its been an increasingly depressing activity this season.  Fortunately, there's the Pale Hosers manning the bottom of this division. I was contemplating putting up the magic number for the Twins to hold off the Sox to avoid finishing last in the AL Central, but there's nothing magic about it so I decided not to.

Anywho, I presume Mauer is being shut down for the rest of the season meaning the lineup is still a diminished Willingham and a bunch of "young" guys, so that's fun.

What is actually fun is the reaction down here to the Badgers losing this weekend. People take this crap way too seriously around here and get really deluded about things. Its both humorous and insufferable at the same time.