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2014 Game 73: Sox @ Twins

Hey everybody! It's been a while. Ahem.

A newly rejuvenated Kevin Correia takes the mound for the Twins today. Some of what's transpired over the past couple of starts is probably smoke and mirrors, but as long as the Twins aren't going to bring up either of the pitchers we really want to see (no offense, Mr. Pino), the pitchers we've got right now might as well not suck. As such, I'm happy with any positive steps Correia makes, if only to augment his trade value a bit.

Andre Rienzo takes the mound for the Sox. He has been pretty horrible this year so far (lots of home runs, lots of walks, not all that many strikeouts), and he looks like the sort that the Twins could feast on. He's one of only two Brazillian players, though, so he's got that going for him.

I foresee a high scoring game in which the Twins manage to pull away in the 5th inning.

Go Twins!