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World Cup Matchday 4

11:00 a.m.: Switzerland vs. Ecuador - ABC
2:00 p.m.: France vs. Honduras - ABC
5:00 p.m.: Argentina vs. Bosnia-Herzegovina - ESPN

No draws yet, and I find that very odd.

Pick Em Standings

RankPick SetCorrect PicksCorrect ScoresTotal PointsPossible Points
1Project Avoid Pepper (AMR)5316352
3Down with France!4212348
3Brooks's Majestic Pick Set5112348
5Soccer? I hardly know her!3210346
5Pete's Primo Pick Set4110346
5My Peerless Pick Set5010346
9Freealonzo Scorrrrrrrrrrres!!!306342
9Soccer To Me!!!11306342
9Eddie Pope All-Stars306342
12Eric's Extraordinary Pick Set204340
14Beau Misses Minnesota Strikers102338