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2012 Game 121: Funnyball vs. Moneyball

First Pitch - 9:05 p.m. CDT
Television - FSN

Oooooow, look at all that foul territory. The Twins will feel right at home there, they've been playing pretty foul ball lately, winning just one game in their last ten and riding a five game losing streak. It's so bad I wandered over to Cot's today to see what our payroll situation looks like for next year. The good news is a lot of money is coming off the books, about $35 million, give or take a nickel. So Terry Ryan should have some money with which to play ball this winter. Let's hope he doesn't decide to bunt.

On The Hill:
Brian Duensing vs. Brandon McCarthy.
I'm not going to bother with their stats at this point. I'll just say advantage Oakland and leave it there. With this late start, I'll be down for the count after three innings. It won't surprise me if The Dunce is, too.

Play ball!

Whoa Nellie Game 111: Twins at Jacobs

Duensing (2-6, 4.39)CLEMasterson (7-10, 4.78)

An early one this time around.


  1. Span, D, CF
  2. Revere, B, RF
  3. Mauer, J, 1B
  4. Willingham, J, LF
  5. Morneau, J, DH
  6. Doumit, R, C
  7. Nishioka, T, 2B
  8. Dozier, B, SS
  9. Casilla, A, 3B


  1. Kipnis, J, 2B
  2. Cabrera, A, SS
  3. Choo, S, RF
  4. Santana, C, DH
  5. Brantley, M, CF
  6. Duncan, S, LF
  7. Marson, L, C .223 10 39 3 4 .500 0 0
  8. Lillibridge, B, 3B


Game 88: Athletics 9, Twins 4

Long balls v. no balls....long balls win.

Parker gets the win after his guys managed a cumulative 13 hits off of 5 different pitchers (out of 7 total used by the home club) including 4 more homeruns*.

Duensing gets the loss after a 41 pitch first and a total of 7 earned runs during his 2 completed innings. Poor shlub even walked in a run.

The Twins are now 36-52 (and a ghastly 17-28 at home) and 13 games behind the AL Central leading White Sox.

Good news:

Justin Morneau extended his hitting streak to 15 games with a single in the sixth.

Zach Parise threw out the first pitch before the game. That's right - the Wild signed a couple of amazing free agents this off season. Bring on the snow!

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Game 70: Twins @ Reds

10 starting pitchers before the All-Star break. I wonder how often that happens (idle question... don't anyone look up how common this occurrence is, or anything).

It seems like it's probably Brian Duensing's destiny to be a starter. By all means, he's a much better reliever, but he ends up being the type of pitcher who's just good enough at starting every once in a while that he get more and more looks at it. Also, to be honest, I'd prefer him in the starting rotation to Blackburn. We already have two late inning guys (Burton and Perkins), and Duensing's got to be a better option in the starting 5 than Blackie, right? (right??)

Duensing (1-2, 4.44 xFIP*) vs Cueto (8-3, 3.73 xFIP) today. Not many strikeouts, not many walks, not many home runs. Seems like a good time for Revere to be up to some shenanigans.

* He does has a pretty nice 3.03 FIP. Getting lucky on some fly balls, it seems (only 2.3% have left the park).

My buddy is a huge Reds fan, so after the game last night, he of course had to send me a text...

Sweep the Indians. Sweep the Mets. Lose to the freaking TWINS?!

I reminded him that a Dickey-free sweep of the Mets only counts as a half a sweep, and that he shouldn't expect to win any more games until the Twins leave town. Here's hoping they can make that slightly exaggerated trash talk come to pass.

Game (1 of 2): Twins and Clevelanders

Hey, doubleheader... why not?

So it seems that baseball's 200,000th major league game will be played today. They're counting the start of the actual National League as the first game, mostly because it's easier to place a direct date on it that way. If nothing else, it's kind of cool that much as it's changed over the past 140 years, there's still a certain heart at the center of the game that ties it all together.

Now, before I go all Field of Dreams on everyone and start misattributing everywhere, there are urgent matters to attend to in Cleveland. A win today would ensure that the race to the bottom will fall short of its "target". Much as I believe that this is the worst year of Twins baseball since the franchise got here, it would be nice the ragtaggers to win back at least that much of their dignity. Hell, if they sweep the doubleheader, they would only need one more win to avoid 100-losses. That would be.......something, I guess.

Looking into the crystal ball, we've got three opening day batters in our lineup (which, if I'm not mistaken is about the most there can be for the rest of the season, so the lineup's not getting nay better than this). Rivera gets to try to out-Butera Butera. Right now he's at a .406 OPS, so it'll be exciting to see whether he can push that into sub-400 territory.

Brian Duensing's on the mound, if he can make it through five and a third innings, he'll qualify for the ERA title. Then again, if he gives up 4 runs in those five and a third, he'll have the worst ERA for any qualifier, so... go Duensing?

David Huff pitches for Cleveland, he ate us alive his last time out, so maybe 1982 isn't safe, just yet.

Game 138: Twins at Angels

Of all the things I thought September would bring, runs wasn't exactly one of them. I'm not complaining, it's just that I wish they could try scoring some during games that I watch. Still, any lineup that insists on batting both Nishioka and a player with a OBP forever hovering around .300 can't complain about any runs they might score along the way.

Duensing takes on Weaver tonight. Normally, that would sound like a sure-fire loss, but Weaver's ERA has jumped up a half run since last month (still league leading at 2.28), and lately a lot more of his pitches have been turned into souvenirs (9 in his last 47 1/3 innings). Besides, Duensing was mostly watchable, and the Angels' lineup usually features at least one lefty... so...

Yeah, it's still pretty bleak.

2011 Game 109: Minnesota Twins at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (MUST WIN GAME!!!!!!11)

the dunce


that other santana

welcome back, span. we're glad you’re still here, and we’re glad to have you back.

the twins come back from a rare day off and face off against the LAAAAAAAAAA angels. on the mound is ervin santana, whom i'm told has been pitching alright as of late. since we’re obviously not having a fire sale, might as well start winning, i guess. now's as good a time the start as any...