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Game 144: The Minnesotas at The Clevelands

May (1-4, 9.38 ERA) vs. Bauer (5-7, 4.10 ERA)

Trevor May has not pitched very well since coming up. Let's hope this isn't another game reminiscent of the header image, because the Twins annual September give-up period (4th anniversary!) is underway and pretty depressing in a baseball sense. If it weren't for the Kennys Vargases, Danny Santanas (what happened to him, is he injured or something? Never did see any news on why he was pulled the other day), and Arcias (and, of course, Mauers) of the world, it would be dire. I'm trying to remain optimistic about the future because the future offense does sound like a lot of fun. It would just be really nice to see the pitching come along with that.

Anyway, I'm planning on getting started with deck framing this weekend. Any citizens in the area are more than welcome to come by and help. I'm snake-method smoking ribs on Sunday.