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Champions Leage Final: Chelsea v. Bayern-Munich

What:  UEFA Champions League Final

Who:  Chelsea (England); Bayern-Munich (Germany)

Where:  Allianz Stadium Munich Germany

TV:  Fox, Game at 1:45p

Stakes:  Bragging rights as top football club in Europe

Today is one of international soccer’s biggest days, probably only behind the World Cup or perhaps the European Cup finals.  The Champions League final is this afternoon and if you don’t mind spending a couple of hours inside watching the game, I think you will enjoy it regardless of your soccer knowledge.  To give you a little edge if you do decide to watch, here are a few reasons why each team could win.  I’ll stay away from the technical aspects but Andrew, Pirate, Homer Dome or others feel free to chime in through the comments.  If you want a technical review, this one is pretty good.

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EEE & MMM – A Manchester Team Drops Points

I'll admit - I nearly turned off the game.  Once Nasri scored 10 seconds into the second half to put City up 2-0, I had little faith in Fulham not losing by even more.  But two second half goals saw a tie game and City only leaving with 1 point.  Now if Fulham could only play like that away from Craven Cottage.

Relevant EPL Results

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EEE & MMM – I, for one, welcome our Manc overlords

Manchester United and City have combined for 25 goals in three games to open the season, including 8 and 5 yesterday, respectively.  By my calculation, that's more than ⅓rd of all goals scored this year (72 total).  Edin Dzeko (City) is leading the league with 6 goals, and Rooney is right on his heels with 5.  They would be tied for 4th (Liverpool) and 5th (Chelsea) in the table, respectively, by goals scored.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end of things, Swansea City is still looking for their first ever Premier League goal.  In spite of this, they are still 15th in the table thanks to two 0-0 draws.

Relevant EPL Results

  • Fulham 1 - 2 Newcastle
  • Spurs 1 - 5 ManCity
  • Aston Villa 0 - 0 Wolves
  • Everton 1 - 0 Blackburn Rovers
  • Chelsea 3 - 1 Norwich City
  • Sunderland 0 - 0 Swansea City
  • Spurs 0 - 3 ManUtd

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