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Twins Game Log 73 – Reds at Twins

Rare Tuesday afternoon game as Reds finish up a 2-game series at Target Field.

Bailey Ober on the mound for the Twins and he's look o.k. Seems like the Twins were able to squeeze a few more mph out of that 6'9' frame and it's made all the difference. Wide Miley on for the Reds.

Twins bullpen has been lights out lately and really the key to the Twins current 5-game win streak. Just think if Twins relievers had pitched like this all season? But this being Minnesota sports, we have to temper that improved bullpen with a Buxton broken finger. You can't have too many nice things apparently.

12:10a first pitch on a beautiful day. If I wasn't so dang busy at work, it would be perfect to play some hooky and take in a game.

2021 Game Log 72: Cincinnati Reds at Minnesota Twins

The Cincinnati Red Stockings are coming to town with malice in their hearts...

Okay, that's not accurate, but it sounds cool. Anyway, the Reds are coming in with a four game losing streak. Like the Twins, they're 4th in their Central, but with a .500 record. The Twins are coming off a rare series win (and even more rare sweep!), so let's hope they keep the momentum going to drive up trade values. Enjoy the game, folks.

Game the Penultimate: Reds @ Twins

We're almost to the end of this nutty season.

I had a lot of skepticism at the onset that this season was wise or even possible to complete. Credit where it's due: they did it. Sixty (or in some cases, very nearly sixty) games in the books. Weird books, they are, too. The Orioles were in contention until a couple of weeks ago. The freaking MARLINS actually made the playoffs.

Some people will undoubtedly dismiss this season as a freak show -- an exhibition that shouldn't have happened, or one that in some way counts for less than a normal, full, 162 game season.

Not me, though.

Old favorite Ervin Santana utilizes his Twitter feed to encourage everyone to #SMELLBASEBALL. To feel it. To let it deep into your bones. In July, I was skeptical, but man... This year, I smelled baseball.

I don't know what happens from here. There's reason for optimism, there's reason for pessimism. For now, we get a chance to dwell on the best sport there is.

Go Twins!

Game 21: Reds at Twins.

Yesterday, I checked in on the game and it was 3-0 and I though "Oh, Twins got this" HAHAHAHAH boy, am I a sucker or what!

Interleague battle tonight as the Red come to town. They have already fired their manager and really haven't picked up too many wins since (3-15 under Bryan Price, 2-5 under Jim Riggleman)

I was really hoping Billy Hamilton would turn out to be a good player, but I would say he is a bust. Fast guy, cant get on base. Thats a shame.

Losing streaks stink, so lets get a win tonight!

Game 78: Twins at Reds

A very early game today! Perfect for some lunch time fun.

MIN: May (4-6, 4.62)
CIN: Cueto (4-5, 2.98

1. Dozier 2B
2. Nunez SS
3. Rosario RF
4. Plouffe! 3B
5. Vargas 1B
6. Herrmann C
7. Santana CF
8. Robinson LF
9. May P

(Ahh what the hell? Somehow this lineup will probably work)

1. Phillips 2B
2. Votto 1B
3. Frazier 3B
4. Bruce RF
5. Pena C
6. Byrd LF
7. Suarez SS
8. Cueto P
9. Hamilton CF

Go tWINs