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Game 131: The Minnesotas at The Kansas Cities

Nolasco (5-9, 5.96 ERA) vs. Duffy (8-11, 2.53 ERA)

The Twins head to KC to face the King Royals, starting off the series in what has been the worst possible way this year: with Nolasco pitching. Maybe this is when he turns a corner, gets his game on track?

The deck project is going about as well as expected, I say sarcastically. Arguments abound, though I've manage to convince my wife that a pergola would look completely awful in my hands. (there was much yelling.) I've given in on deck size, expanding my hope of 12'x12' to at least 14', though the Menards design tool tells me it will cost $1,001,400 or so.

Also, its been hot down here lately (and absurdly humid), so maybe seeing the fountains at Kaufman will help.