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2015-16 EPL Prediction Contest

It's that time of year again. Here are your past champions:

2011 HomerDome (18 pts)
2012 MagUidhir (19 pts)
2013 Philo (21 pts)
2014 Philo (32 pts)

This year will crown our 2015* Champion. Can Philo go for a three-peat? Will nibbish finally break through and unseat him? Someone else? Who knows!

*Years are based on the day of the first fixture of the season.

And a reminder on scoring:

  • 3 points for correctly predicting the finishing place of a team in the final league table
  • 1 point for being +/- one position in the final leage table
  • A bonus point for correctly picking the league champion
  • One bonus point for each relegated team correctly predicted, up to three total. (Position doesn't affect this. If you pick them 18th, and they finish 20th, still a bonus point cuz they're going down)

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2013-14 EPL WGOM Prediction Contest

Here's a recap of the rules:

  1. Rank the 20 teams (below) in the order in which you think they'll finish in the table
  2. Put this in the comments below. Please SPOILER your choices so as not to influence other selections.
  3. If you correctly predict the final position of a team, you get three points. If you are wrong, but within one place either way, you get one point.
  4. Correctly picking the champion is worth a bonus point
  5. Correctly picking the relegated teams are worth a bonus point each for a maxiumum of 3 points

First match of the year kicks off at 7:45E/6:45C AM this Saturday, the 17th. You have until kick off to get your picks in. As always, I'll have a Google Spreadsheet with everyone's picks so we can keep track of everything and I'll confer with sean about updating the sidebar scoreboard once everything's set up.

Previous Champions
2012-13: Mags
2011-12: HomerDome

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SSS – Final Day of the EPL Season Edition

I am really getting a lot of mileage out of the "sporadic" part of my feature's title. Anyway, it's the last day of the season, and that means 10 games all at once, specifically 11 AM Eastern/10 Central on Sunday (So pretty much if you can see this post, get the TV/laptop ready). There's not a whole lot to be played for today. United won the title going away, City is firmly in 2nd, and all three relegation spots (Wigan, Reading, and QPR) are finalized. The battle for 3rd and 4th (and thus the Champions League) is heating up, with Chelsea, Arsenal, and Spurs (currently in that order) all still able to qualify. Will Spurs be the odd one out, or will one of the teams above them stumble? Lower in the table, spots 10-17 are only separated by 4 points, so lots of shuffling could be seen by day's end. How will that affect our prediction contest? Some numbers after the jump. Continue reading SSS – Final Day of the EPL Season Edition

SSS – January Transfer Window is open

It's been a long time since a Sporadic Soccer Story has graced these pages. That is entirely due to my sloth, and I apologize. I figured with the new year brings not only the transfer window, but the chance for a new start, so I will do my best to be more regular with SSS entries.

The particular report which prompted this post is a report that Chelsea have been given permission by Newcastle to speak to Demba Ba. Ba is one of my favorite players (and not only because his name is so fun to say), so seeing him in Chelsea blue would be a bummer, personally, though I'm sure a few Citizens would welcome such a transfer.

2012-13 WGOM EPL Prediction Contest

3The Dread Pirate14
4Homer Dome14
8Daneeka's Ghost10

Just now I've added a ImportHTML and a VLookup to the Prediction Contest spreadsheet, so it should update automatically (on Google Drive, not here). Hopefully we'll see if it worked after today's games, which are as follows:

1:45 - Liverpool v.Sunderland
1:45 - Chelsea v. QPR
2:00 - Newcastle United v. Everton

All times Central. Lots of Citizens' teams in action today. As noted in the article above, Ba will sit out against Everton today, so my Fantasy team thanks you Abrahmovich*.

*May or may not logically be his fault, but I'm blaming him anyway.

EEE- Last two Premiership Weeks

I've decided to try this as a Saturday morning post to act as a weekend preview/open thread for the upcoming slate of games.

Last Weekend

City beat United 1-0 in the much-hyped Manchester Derby With The Title On The Line ™ in a game that was rather dull to watch. United managed a mere 5 attempts at goal, which resulted 0 shots on goal. City had 15 and 3, respectively. I was in the beer garden taking in a lovely late Spring evening, otherwise I would have been annoyed I even bothered to leave the house. City and United are now tied at the top of the table with 83 points apiece, but City are ahead because of their superior goal differential (+61 v +53).

In other news, Fulham beat Liverpool for the first time in the league thanks to a Skrtel own-goal. Everton drew with Stoke 1-1. Spurs beat Bolton 4-1 and Chelsea lost to Newcastle in a game which saw Cisse score an absolutely amazing goal to seal the 2-0 win.

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EEE – FA Cup 5th Round and catching up on the league

Sorry I skipped a soccer post last week. I'll try to recap all the games I missed, but apologies in advance if I do omit someone.

League Results

EEE – Deuce goes for three

Big news over the weekend is Clint Dempsey's second hat trick in as many games. His hat trick is the first for an American in the league. Dempsey now has 9 goals in the league, tied for 7th best for all players and tied for fist among midfielders (with Frank Lampard). Manchester City beat Spurs by a score of 3-2 to keep their place at the top of the table. Manchester United defeated Arsenal 2-1 to keep pace with their neighbors. In the States, the ManU-Arsenal game was aired on Fox before the NFC Championship game.

Sunderland won 2-0 over Swansea City to continue their good run of form under new manager Martin O'Neill. Under the new manager, the Black Cats have taken 16 of 24 points, compared to 11 from 42 under Steve Bruce. Everton couldn't hold a one goal lead and drew with Blackburn Rovers 1-1. Chelsea failed to score in their 0-0 draw with Norwich City. Wolves fell to Aston Villa 3-2 to drop into the relegation zone. Continue reading EEE – Deuce goes for three