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Happy Birthday–November 7

Chris Von der Ahe (1851)
Ed "The Only" Nolan (1857)
Bill Brubaker (1910)
Dick Stuart (1932)
Jake Gibbs (1938)
Jim Kaat (1938)
Joe Niekro (1944)
Buck Martinez (1948)
Willie Norwood (1950)
Guy Sularz (1955)
Orlando Mercado (1961)
Russ Springer (1968)
Todd Ritchie (1971)
Glendon Rusch (1974)
Esmerling Vasquez (1983)
Danny Santana (1990)

Promoter/entrepreneur Chris von der Ahe, referred to as "Bill Veeck with a handlebar mustache", owned the St. Louis franchise from 1882-1899.

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2012 Game 140: Indians at Twins

In the latest exhibition for a possible better future for these teams, Esmerling Vasquez plays host to Corey Kluber.

I'm not entirely sure I'll watch much of it. I'm half-heartedly watching football, wondering if it'll take this season. I'm not sure that's what I want to do, though, because as apathetic as these Twins make me feel, they're going to be gone for six months in just a few weeks, and I'm not going to be happy about that, no matter how I feel right now.

I don't know. I just don't know. There's fun to be had in watching terrible officials take forever to make the wrong call, but bad baseball can be amusing, too. Or maybe it's time to start watching the games with playoff ramifications...

2012 Game 134: Royals at Twins

The Twins come into this one now boasting a winning record in the all-powerful AL Central. They won two yesterday - can they do me the courtesy of one win today?

Esmerling Vasquez gets the start - the first in his career - for the hometown nine. Luis Mendoza, also known as "Meh," goes for the Royals in a game that nobody outside of this site cares about.

The Royals were 17-11 in August. Did you know? I did! Well, as of a few moments ago. Well, good for them. Every time I get down about how bad the Twins are, I think of franchises with prolonged streaks of futility that the 1993-2000 Twins only wish they could match.