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Happy Birthday–July 25

John Tener (1863)
Cy Williams (1913)
Whitey Lockman (1926)
Larry Sherry (1935)
Buddy Bradford (1944)
Fred Scherman (1944)
Mick Kelleher (1947)
Biff Pocoroba (1953)
Marc Sullivan (1958)
Doug Drabek (1962)
Torey Lovullo (1965)
Ed Sprague (1967)
Billy Wagner (1971)
Guillermo Mota (1973)
Javier Vazquez (1976)
Santiago Casilla (1980)
Alex Presley (1985)

Pitcher/outfielder John Tener was the president of the National League and also became governor of Pennsylvania.  For 1914-1915, he did both jobs at the same time.

Cy Williams was a long-time major league scout, working for the Detroit Tigers for thirty years.

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