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Happy Birthday–January 9

Bill Thomas (1905)
Johnny Washington (1916)
John Kibler (1928)
Julio Navarro (1936)
Ralph Terry (1936)
Masaaki Mori (1937)
Al Clark (1948)
Joe Wallis (1952)
Ivan DeJesus (1953)
Otis Nixon (1959)
Stan Javier (1964)
Jay Powell (1972)
Gabriel Moya (1995)

Bill Thomas pitched in the minors from 1924-1952. He set records for games pitched (1,016), wins (383), losses (347), innings (5,995), hits allowed (6,721), and runs allowed (3,098).

Outfielder/first baseman Johnny Washington played in the Negro Leagues for nearly twenty years.

John Kibler was a National League umpire from 1963-1989.

Masaaki Mori was involved with twenty-seven pennant winners in Japan, sixteen as a player, three as a coach, and eight as a manager.

Al Clark was a long-time American League umpire.

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Game 152: twins @ tigers

Sad news. Eduardo Escobar isn't leading the majors in doubles anymore.

Also, the Twins COULD still finish the season at .500. They'll have to win all eleven games, but it could happen.

They've started an opener today, Gabriel Moya, with Gonsalves coming later. I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about the opener idea, but it's here, and we've been sort of "meh" at it so far.

And now Grossman scores! 1-0 Twins. Let's keep that going.