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Where They Stand

Minnesota is 27-42, fifth in the AL Central, nine games behind Cleveland.  The Twins have lost one consecutive game and are 3-7 in their last ten games.

Rochester is 33-40, sixth in the IL North, eleven and a half games behind Pawtucket.  The Red Wings have lost one consecutive game and are 4-6 in their last ten games.

New Britain is 36-34, third in the EL Eastern, four games behind Reading and Trenton.  The Rock Cats have won one consecutive game and are 3-7 in their last ten games.

Fort Myers finished the first half 28-39, fifth in the FSL South, twenty and a half games behind St. Lucie.  The Miracle is 1-0 in the second half, tied for first with Bradenton and Palm Beach.

Beloit finished the first half 39-31, second in the ML Western, five and a half games behind Wisconsin.  This qualifies the Snappers for a playoff spot.

Elizabethton is 2-1, tied for first in the AL West with Bristol and Greeneville.

The GCL Twins are 3-1, first in the GCL South, one game ahead of the Rays and the Red Sox.

The DSL Twins are 8-8, third in the B. C. B. C., two and a half games behind the Diamondbacks and the Reds.  They have won three consecutive games and are 5-5 in their last ten games.

Gulf Coast League Preview

The Gulf Coast League is a fourteen-team league based in Florida.  There are three divisions, the North, the East, and the South.  There are six teams in the North and four teams in each of the other two divisions.

Teams take the names of their parent clubs, e.g. the GCL Twins, the GCL Astros, etc.  The teams play at the spring training complexes of their major league clubs.  They play a sixty-game schedule.  Four teams make the playoffs.  Rosters are capped at thirty-five, with only thirty eligible for any given game.  At least ten of these must be pitchers.  Players must have less than three years of minor league service.

The Twins’ entry is managed by Ramon Borrego.  The batting coach is Milt Cuyler, with pitching coaches Henry Bonilla and Luis Ramirez.

Looking at the roster, pitcher whose names you might recognize include Jose Barrios, Sam Gibbons, Yorman Landa, Gonzalo Sanudo, and Markus Solbach.  Batters you might recognize include Aderlin Mejia, Javier Pimentel, Jacob Younis, Byron Buxton, Kelvin Ortiz, and Dereck Rodriguez.