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Game 63: The Minnesotas vs. The Torontoes

Correia (2-7, 6.11 ERA) vs. Happ (5-2, 4.12 ERA)

Time to get a winning streak starter, Mr. Correia. Somehow. That craptacular AL Central title isn't going to wait around all season. At least, I think it won't even though the Tigers seem to be doing their best to leave it on the platter.

My time in Manchester is finished and we've moved to an area that looks, basically, like every American mall area ever. Its pretty awful. There's still some real ale to be found, but its all in what seem to compare to TGI Fridays or the like. Fortunately, I won't have time to do anything, anyway, since we're here to conduct a trial this week. I did manage to introduce the Scottish sales guy that I'm with to Bengali Tiger last night, though and the same bar had this on cask as well.