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2021 Game Log 48: Orioles at Twins

Twins playing better lately and with a little bit of juice so let's hope it continues against the Orioles tonight.

O's put up Dean Kremer tonight. I have him down as a reliever so not sure if Baltimore is going with an Opener situation. As with most Orioles, he hasn't been very good. Hopefully the Twins can tee off on him. Jose Berrios for the Twins and he's been decent but not great. I'd love to see 7-8 nice innings from Jose tonight.

Should be a gorgeous night for baseball and will be my first game. I am not sure if I've even seen a game on TV as I am in Bally Sports Network hell. Looking forward to it. Not sure if I will spend for pricey tix or do the cheap, walk around route.

6:40 first pitch!

Twins Lineup
DH - Kepler
3B - Donaldson
RF - Kiriloff
1B - Sano
2B - Polanco
C - Garver
LF - Larnach
CF - Refsnyder
SS - Simmons