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Game 106 — Cleveland Spiders at Minnesota Twins

Ok. Now that the trading deadline has passed and we get to see what kind of team the Twins will field for the rest of the year (or at least until the August 31 Waiver Deadline). Lance Lynn? See ya! Zach Duke? Um, I kind of remember you. Ryan Pressly and E2? Sob. Doze? We had some good times, let’s focus on those hm’k? On the addition side hello again Miguel Sano, Addison Reed, and Trevor May… and hey new comer, Tyler Austin, welcome aboard. Now go out smash some taters, would you please.

Clevelanders still playing for 2018 and they got Trevor Bauer on the mound. He’s been a workhorse for the Spiders and coming off a nice outing against the Pirates. 192 strikeouts in 147 innings means that Sano will probably be muttering to himself as he walks back to the dugout a few times tonight. Gibby on the mound and boy am I happy I can still write that.

7:10p first pitch and a good night to head out to the ballpark. The Twins could probably use a little emotional support.