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2014 Game 8: A’s at Twins

Hey, 3-4 isn't so bad. Playing like that couldn't have us finishing much worse than third in this division, right? Lest I get too optimistic, let's look at the pitchers: young journeyman Jesse Chavez takes on Phil Hughes. Hmm, that could be worse. Chavez does strike some guys out (205 in 241 career innings) but is otherwise unremarkable enough, on either the good or bad side, to mention. As far as his numbers go, he's actually similar in results to Hughes in many ways.

The Twins have one new guy in the lineup as Chris Herrmann mans right field.

This is yet another one I'll see from work, though it's early enough that I'll probably see a good amount of it. Never fear, Twins fans...we finally get a night game on Friday.