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Game 110: royals @ twins

Happy Joe Nathan Day!

Hopefully, the home team will honor its best ever reliever (seriously, his 2006 in particular was insane -- Rivera never matched Nathan's 39 FIP-) by giving up a few obligatory baserunners, then utterly destroying all remaining batters on their way to a scoreless game.

Attempting that feat will be Kyle Gibson, and you know what? Good Gibby could accomplish that. In his 10 wins, he's been holding the opposition to a .544 OPS, coupled with a 2.44 ERA.

In his losses.... it's a .982 and a 7.52. I don't know for sure, but that's got to be up there in terms of game outcome splits. I still think he's your third starter in a playoff rotation, but I'd have Odorizzi standing by from the first pitch on.

Gotta stick with Cruz for a boomstick tonight.

Go Twins!

Game #93: Twins 4, Royals 3

Twins record: 44-49
MLB Game Wrap

Truth be told, I spent most of this game busy drawing hearts around the name "Alex Morgan" which I had written in my notebook...but it looked pretty good on Gameday, especially the part that said "J. Thome homered to deep center, B. Revere and J. Mauer scored". So, three out of four from the Royals to kick off The Most Important Homestand Ever? So far, so good.

Hitter of the Week: I kind of want to pick Jim Thome for this every time he gets closer to 600 from now on.
Pitcher of the Week: I think I'll go with Joe Nathan here, I'm feeling nostalgic.