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Game #TheSeasonContinues: Twins v. Brewers

The Twins seem to have the Brewers' number this year, if it wasn't for the combined efforts of Bad Colomé and Bad Dobnak on opening day,  we'd be looking at the possibility of a season sweep. Instead,  as the saying goes, we'll have to settle for 5-1 if they get a win today.

Josh Donaldson is doing well.  In the last 5 series he's played 14 games in a row while hitting .309/.377/.582 which is in the rarified air that we call "a higher OPS than Jorge Polanco" for that time.

Luis Arraez has 365 plate appearances in 129 team games. If he goes 17 for 38 today, he would qualify for, and take the lead in, the AL batting race. His .303 average is 5th best in the league among those with more than 175 PA.

Griffin Jax is pitching today, bouncing back from a rough start against Boston. He had strung together a few good starts before that, and he won't be facing the Red Sox today so I choose optimism.

Happy Birthday–December 8

Jack Rowe (1856)
Jimmy Austin (1879)
Sam Zoldak (1918)
Jim Pagliaroni (1937)
Brant Alyea (1940)
Ed Brinkman (1941)
Ken Roy (1941)
Masahiro Doi (1943)
Alan Foster (1946)
Jeff Grotewold (1965)
Mike Mussina (1968)
Garvin Alston (1971)
Reed Johnson (1976)
Vernon Wells (1978)
Josh Donaldson (1985)

Ken Roy was a minor league umpire for two years before becoming a Catholic priest.  He said that his umpiring career helped him in ministry because it gave him more patience with people and made him a better listener.

Masahiro Doi was a fifteen-time all-star in the Japanese Pacific League, playing from 1962-1981.

We would also like to wish a happy birthday to AMR’s son, HPR.

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