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2019 Game Log 47: Minnesota Twins at LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAngels

Ahh, that bit never gets old... (right? RIGHT!?)

Odoreater's out there tonight, his scoreless streak recently snapped, but has still been more than capable of late. Angels are going with an opener in Cole before they bring in Pena. Hopefully we can make them regret that.

I still feel like the Angels are a better team than their record shows, so I'm hoping for a good series on their turf. It's the Twins' fault for starting to make me expect it.

2019 Game 41: Angels at Twins

Last Thursday the Twins had come off a nice little 4-2 road trip, including a three game sweep of the Blue Jays. They had the best record in baseball and I had already placed a lawn chair on the Nicollet Mall to save may space for the inevitable victory parade. Now it’s Tuesday and the Twins have lost 3 of last 4 at home to the Tigers and Angels, Nelson Cruz is nursing a sore wrist (not a good sign for a power hitter), and Jose Berrios was Lance Lynn-like last night. What happened, the Twins have to do something! “Forget it Jake, it’s a long season.”

Kyle Gibson on the mound for the Twins and we’ve seen the emergence of Good Gibby lately. Let’s hope that continues. Angels going with an Opener tonight with Cam Bedrosian pitching first inning and then Felix Pena coming in afterward. This will be the third time this season Pena will have had an opener. I wonder if Cam has any fond memories of Minnesota when his dad pitched here? Usually the local paper writes something up along those lines.

Game time 6:40p. It promises to be another very pleasant night. I hope you can get to the ballpark or other enjoy the game as the Twins try to right the ship back toward my parade route. That lawn chair cost me $8.00.

2012 Game Logs: Game 23 Twins @ LAaAAAAAAaAa

Franciso Lirano
Jerome Williams

Mrs. Buffalo is currently watching Cupcake Wars. How many different ways can you possibly make cupcakes? Let's take a look, I see 8 of them:

1:Trout- This dude only has 5 career home runs. That is only 1 more than Drew Butera. What a cupcake.
2:Callaspo -Career slugging percentage? .384 For a frame of reference, Tom Prince, in his two seasons with the Twins, had a .371 slugging percentage.
3:Pujols - A .265 OBP this season? You know who can beat that? Chris Heintz and his career mark of .268
4:Hunter- This guy is a bozo. I am not even going to bother looking at his numbers.
5:Trumbo- A career .294 OBP for the LAAA slugger. You know who can beat that, besides most people? How about Dave Engle with a career .316 mark.
6:Kendrick- The second baseman has a 87 OPS+ this season. This looks suspiciously like Tim Laudner's career mark of 84.
7:Wells- The only thing worse that Veron Wells this season? Vernon Wells last season. His numbers compare unfavorably to Pat Borders' season with the Twins.
8:Aybar- This season with the Angels Aybar has one stolen base. This is exactly as many as Jeff Reed had in his career with the Twins. Dude was a catcher. What a cupcake this Aybar is!
9:Iannetta- This guy is actually having a hell of a season.

LAAAAA is hitting like a bunch of back up catchers. What a joke.