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Game 117: Clevelanders @ Twins

This sucks, folks.

No way around it. Yes, Cleveland has done insanely well over the past 50+ games, but a double digits lead evaporated quick enough to make my head spin. It sucks.

But! We've still got the easiest schedule in baseball going forward, and I still feel that we've got this.

One of the most important pieces moving forward toward the division title takes the hill today. Odorizzi played like a deserving all star in the first half, and has played like someone who wants to go into free agency looking for a pillow contract so far in the last month or so. That needs to turn around. We need Buxton and Cruz, but it all begins with getting better starts from our rotation.

Get it done, Odo.

Game 143 Recap: You thought I forgot again, didn’t you.

I didn't, but that doesn't change the outcome.

I'd go through the trouble of recaping this game, but nobody is paying attention anyway. Insead I'm going to turn to food. I've been trying to sneak more vegetables and less pork products [sadclown.jpg] into my diet lately. This recipe works well in that regard.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa (or burrito filling... or chip dip... or on top of shredded carnitas... mmmmmmmmmmm... pork.... D'oh).

You'll need one half cup of dried black beans (or one can if you're lazy), an ear or two of corn roasted on the cob (or a can if you're lazy), a red bell pepper, a poblano pepper, 3-4 good sized green onions (or one to two of the larger sweet bulb onions), part of (or the whole thing if you're not a wuss) jalapeno (or NM green chili which is in season right now !!1One!!!), a dash of lime juice, a hit of red chili powder, a healthy dose of cumin, and some freshly ground black pepper.

Soak the beans overnight, drain, rinse, and boil them to reconstitute. Once softened, drain and rinse the beans off in a bit of cool water. Combine all this stuff in a bowl and let it sit in the fridge for about 4 hours to marry. This stuff lasts about a week (give or take) covered in the fridge, is good on eggs, good in pie, good right out of the bowl, and makes for some quick burrito filling (with some additional peppers and onions and a little of that left over chicken) to take to the office.

culture club. Yeah, that's going to have to wait until I get done with this stupid commute. Friday I'll be going out to chicken wings and beer to celebrate never coming back to Baton Rouge ever again. I'm thinking about doing a monthly segment interviewing artists in MN for the front page, thoughts? BTW, you should all have clikced on the link Algonad provided in yesterday's cup.

Game 117 Recap: Boys, the Twins aren’t going to make the playoffs.

Twins 1, Tigers 5

WP: Scherzer (12-6 4.41 era)
LP: De Vries (2-4 5.09 era)
Save? No need, fellas.

Twins record 50-67 - 14 games out of first, 1 game behind the royals for the toilet bowl

Well, poop.

Well, King Felix pitched a perfect game today. He pitched 9 innings, gave up zero hits, zero walks, zero runs, none earned, and struck out 12. Yeah, that's pretty outstanding. Cole De Vries didn't pitch a perfect game. He went four innings giving up eight hits, four runs, all earned, two walks, while striking out three. On the bright side, Manship pitched the next three innings nearly perfectly allowing just one hit and striking out two. Grey surrendered a run on two hits, and Perkins finished out the game. Joe Mauer went 2-4 and drove in the only Twins run on the day. He raised his average to .320, but he's got a ways to go to catch Melky Cabrera. Oh, right. That dude plays in the other league.

Return of the culture club, NOLA edition. Yeah, I've been so busy moving, working, commuting, quitting my job, and eating sweet, delicious pork products that I've neglected my recap duties. I'm here to say that it'll certainly happen again. Where to start? Well, you should probably have a beignet or three for breakfast, and then make your way up to city park to stop in at NOMA. The New Orleans Museum of Art boasts an awesome collection of everything New Orleans from 18 and 19th century portraits and colonial furniture to contemporary conceptual art. After a quick tour of their collection I suggest a stop by the Cow Bell for burger. You won't be disappointed. A stroll down oak street will help digestion and will give you an excuse to stop in at Blue Cypress Books. Bookstore kitty is friendly, and they have a pretty awesome selection of new and used books for sale. A stop into the Maple Leaf would probably be a good idea, but you really should just come back at night to catch the live show. An afternoon stroll down Julia Street will offer a wide taste of contemporary art from the crazy expensive to the quite affordable, stodgy to cutting edge (read: garish), representational to abstract. The newly minted arts district has something for everyone. Afterwards you're a short walk to the WWII Museum, the Ogden Museum, and the Contemporary Art Center. After all that culture you're sure to be thirsty and any number of watering holes in the area will do, but the Avenue Pub features a killer tap list and some of the best pub food you can find anywhere. The best part of drinking and eating at the Avenue is that the street car will drop you off and pick you up just a few steps from their front door, and they never close. Seriously. Try the duck fat fries... with pulled pork... and cheese... /drool. At this point I suggest you get a daiquiri and then pass out. Next week we'll venture down St. Claude street into the by-water to tour the alternative art spaces.