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Game 15: Clevelanders vs. Twins (DAY GAME ALERT!)

Trevor Bauer (0-2, 8.44 ERA) vs. Ervin Santana (3-0, 0.41 ERA)

As I was going to mention in my redundant game 13 game log that never got posted, it seems the off-season meeting between the Cleveland brass and the commissioner accomplished completely nothing as Cleveland is still wearing the logo on their jersey that makes me root against them.

Trevor Bauer takes the hill against the Twins ace and his magical chinstrap, Ervin Santana. So far, they are having basically opposite seasons statistically. Bauer is off to a rought start, although holes a 2.53 xFIP and a 4.00 BABIP, so luck may very well be what's preventing him from his usual mediocrity. I cynically expect the Twins offense to help with that.

Santana, on the other hand, is either benefiting from some luck with  a ridiculous .074 BABIP and an xFIP of 3.75, which is right around his career average. Its either luck or the Twins deciding to go with an actual major league caliber defensive outfield is paying off. Probably a little of column A/B.

It'd be nice if the Twins could remember to not grab their ass-bats for this game. They could really use a win after this recent stretch of not beating the White Sox or Cleveland.