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Good Friday Music Day 2012

Random thoughts:

1. Someone mentioned the Alabama Shakes' Daytrotter Session yesterday. I'd like to recommend Dolfish's session from last week.
2. Not exactly sure how to describe Dolfish: Simultaneously Emotionally bare and witty, blues-and-punk tinged singer-songwriter, deep but very brief. Oh and he sounds like a woman.
3. Minute-for-minute and dollar-for-dollar, nothing has entertained me more lately than his debut EP, Your Love is Bummin' Me Out (five songs in eight minutes, absolutely free). Do yourself a little favor today and cough up your e-mail address for the download. "Dear Voicemail" is the best. (Plus, I don't think I've received a single Spammy e-mail from him.)
4. What I love is how he cuts straight to the core of his point, gets everything and then some across in one verse. His lyrics are very specific but relatable.
5. Crap, I'm doing a horrible job of explaining any of this. The title song is a bit lyrically gimmicky, but if you find the sound interesting and what like to hear something deeper from the same guy, hey: that's the other four songs on the EP!
6. Still thinking about that Haggard concert at the State...
7. Lydia Loveless! Triple Rock, July 20th! No idea if she's opening or what, it's not on the venue's calendar yet. I'll probably extend my Ha Ha Tonka offer (I'll buy your ticket or an album).
8. Speaking of... Ha Ha Tonka, Triple Rock (opening for Langhorne Slim), June 2. $12.
9. For Good Friday, here's Hilliard Ensemble takes on Arvo Pärt's musical setting of the Passion of St. John:
T. I really enjoy modern classical composers' taking on canon. I like seeing how they fit the proscribed words to their modern ideas. Maybe this is why I like choral work more than Daneeka's Ghost: I'm looking for that connection to things from centuries ago. Could be why my favorite Reich piece is Tehillim (depending upon day of the week). That said, the piece I linked above, Passio is hard for me to follow.

Enough random for my brain, what does your device have?