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FMD: Concerts

I'm always struggling to go to more concerts, but more than anything the price of tickets get to me.  Like right now, I'm loving Jason Isbell's album from this summer, but $40 a piece plus fees puts it at nearly $100 for both of us to attend.  With all the adulting I've had to do lately - saving for a wedding, eventual down payment on a house, and way out there children - $100 seems like a lot more than it used to, even though I have the most income I've ever had.  I guess something's got to give, and it looks like it's live music.  But that's OK, bigger things are in the works.

ALSO: Sign up for 2015 in Review and 2016 Guest DJ spots if you haven't yet and still want to.

FMD: Listening Habits

Up through much of college, I had no real ambition to expand my musical listening habits. I liked what I liked and that was fine. Then a few years ago, I was devouring new music at the rate of about an album a week. But eventually I burnt out on the high turnover and I couldn't really tell you what 3/4th of the albums were like. In the last year or two, however I've started listening to a small number of albums repeatedly (e.g. Metamodern Sounds and lately Something More Than Free), over and over, taking in as much as I can and trying to hear every different part of the song, each instrument and vocal track.