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2013 Game 47: Tigers at Twins

The Twins won yesterday! That had been a while. Of course, I didn't see a single minute of it because of circumstance, but I suppose I'm glad it happened.

It's Pelfrey vs. Scherzer today, so let's temper our expectations even more than normal.

I'd add more here, but I just woke up after a very satisfying night's sleep for once and I really don't have time. Go Twins, and all that.

2012 Game 46: Tigers @ Twins

Okay. This team stinks, but last week, I posted the game plan for victory - and they followed it to victory. The best part? Absolutely nothing has changed. Sure, Max Scherzer might strike out 30 more per nine innings than Carl Pavano (I think I actually saw Carl Pavano summon the ghosts of baseball players past so he could un-strike them out, lowering his k/9 to something like -4... dark magic, that), but he has no facial hair whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Morneau has parlayed his smooth Canadian charm into in actual war on the opposing pitcher - I wouldn't be surprised if he hit seven home runs today in four at bats.

Mauer's a pussy, but he'll probably whine his way on base two or three times this afternoon. A.J. would advance the runners with a leadership scowl, but walking's cool, too, I guess.

We're actually playing at Target Field today, so expect the Tigers to ground out weakly in shame when they think of where they have to play their games.

This is in the bag, people. Can we just skip to tomorrow so that we can catch a nailbiter?

My prediction: Twins 14, Tigers 8.

2011 Games Logs: Game 53 Minnesota @ Detroit

Brian Duensing


Max Scherzer


Alright, let's hope the Twins put 17 or 18 on the board tonight before the basketball game starts. Because, honestly, if the Twins keep it close and ultimately lose late or in extra innings causing me to miss hoops I am going to be bummed out.

Yep. That is what I've got for right now. It is 90 degrees out in Buffalo and I am going to soak up some sun.