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FMD: 4/14/17 – Old Albums

I've been listening to a lot of my old albums lately. Meaning the things I listened to in high school and college. My physical collection is largely packed up and put away right now, so as I'm inspired to pick an old album I just pull it up on youtube. That's handy.

Anyway, lots of them have not held up as well as I thought they might (The Love Below was disappointing. Still kind of a fun concept album, but the execution is just far too inconsistent.) Others were even better than I remembered (Chumbawumba's WYSIWYG is fan-freaking-tastic.). Lots were nicely familiar (BNL's albums), and well worth the time.

Anyway, for this week maybe we can talk old albums. What's something you haven't dusted off in ages that you used to listen to regularly?

3 + 1 = ?

In the not-too-distant future, a new little Pepper will be joining our clan. The jalapeno will be almost 3 at that point. While in theory my recollections of the early days with him should have faded, I have a stubbornly keen memory and I remember in great detail just how difficult and overwhelming things were with him at first. (And this is despite having a normal/easy delivery and a healthy baby.)

After a full day of work and an evening of toddler wrangling, I often wonder what on earth we’re doing. On a rational level, we’ve always wanted two kids, the timing makes sense, and I think the jalapeno will make a great big brother. It’s just that in the short term, I feel like this is possibly insane. Continue reading 3 + 1 = ?