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Happy Birthday–June 16

Max Surkont (1922)
Ernie Johnson (1924)
Richard Jacobs (1925)
Bob Miller (1926)
Ken Johnson (1933)
Joe Decker (1947)
Ron LeFlore (1948)
Salome Barojas (1957)
Wally Joyner (1962)
Calvin Schiraldi (1962)
Kevin Young (1969)
Chris Gomez (1971)
Kerry Wood (1977)
Joe Saunders (1981)
Jonathan Broxton (1984)
Justin Haley (1991)
Zack Weiss (1992)
Ian Hamilton (1995)

Richard Jacobs was the owner of the Cleveland Indians from 1986-2000.

The Bob Miller born today, although a pitcher, is not the Bob Miller who pitched for the Twins.

We would also like to wish a very happy birthday to texastwinsfan.

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2021 Game Log 66: Minnesota Twins at Seattle Mariners

Hello, friends, and welcome to another edition of Why Are You Watching This?

We welcome back old friends King Kenta and Luis Arraez. In a corresponding move, Pineda and Refsnyder will take a breather. Maeda will take the mound tonight for the first time since mid-May. Gonzales is working his way back from an injury, and like the Mariners, hasn't been great this year.

Episodes of Why Are You Watching This? have been sparely attended in recent days, and the west coast start time means this might be a single digit LTE affair. Oh well, maybe something amazing will happen.

2021 Game 62: Damn Yankees vs. Twins

Game Time - 7:10 p.m. CT

I laid down to take just a short little rest and it somehow turned into a nap and then I overslept and the thing that woke me up was a nasty leg cramp and I realized I hadn't done the game log yet and I have to get to the grocery store before dinner and goodness gracious it is hot out there. There is something uncanny and underworldly and supremely infuriating about the way the Yankees dominate the Twins. I've not seen the likes of it in my lifetime and it's a record of Twins futility that goes back more than 20 years now. Over the course of the 2010's decade, the Yankees beat the Twins 53 times and only lost 21 games. That's a 71.6 winning percentage. In the decade before that the Bronx Bombers clobbered the Twins with a 57-25 record (69.5%). You have to go all the way back to the 1960's to find a decade where the Twins actually have a winning record against the gentlemen in pinstripes and even then just barely when they won 90 and lost 87 (50.8%). And back then we had players like Harmon Killebrew, Tony Oliva, Rod Carew,  Bob Allison and Cesar Tovar and pitchers like Jim Kaat and Jim Perry and Mudcat Grant. And I can tell you without hesitation or a shadow of doubt, this here Twins team ain't built like that.

J.A Happ gets tonight's start for the Twins, his first against the Yankees since he played for them. Happ has been pretty bad lately. He hasn't recorded a quality start since late April, his 5.61 ERA is heavily front-loaded considering his 10.17 ERA and .360 opponents batting average over his last five appearances. Michael King gets the honors for the Yankees. He's been much better out of the bullpen than he has as a starter and opener where he's failed to notch a win in four attempts and holds a 7.89 ERA. If I had to make a call about tonight's game, I'd say bet the over and hand the Yankees a broom. I could be way off base, though, because the devil is always in the details. Play ball!


Twins Log Game 60 – Yankees and Twins

Here we go. Two division heavyweights who have been eyeing each other all season, waiting to see how they match up in perhaps an early playoff preview as they finally get to test their mettle against the best baseball has to offer....

Dang, I shouldn't prewrite these game logs in April apparently. Yankees in town and while we all are familiar with the Twins disappointments this year, the Yankees are only 2 games over 500, mired in 4th place in the AL East, also besot with injuries. Jordan Montgomery on the mound for the Yanks and he's okay I guess, but definitely the Twins can tee off on him a bit. Big Mike Pineda for the Twins coming off a pretty disappoint start last Tuesday.

Will be a steamy one at Target Field tonight but our good friend Twayn will be there making sure everyone is fully hydrated, finds their seat ok, and generally acts civil. Hey Twayn, it's ok if you give the old dude in a crisp Jeeter shirsey the twice over. Those guys are always trying to move into seats they didn't buy.

First pitch back at 7:10p. Let's go Twins!

Twins line-up
RF - Garlick
DH - Donaldson
2B - Polanco
1B - Sano
C - Jeffers
LF - Larnach
CF - Refsynder
3B - Astudillo
SS - Simmons

Happy Birthday–June 7

Bones Ely (1863)
Ed Wells (1900)
Dusty Boggess (1904)
Rosey Gilhousen (1913)
Herb Score (1933)
Roger Nelson (1944)
George Mitterwald (1945)
Don Money (1947)
Thurman Munson (1947)
Bobby Marcano (1951)
Bill Hohn (1955)
Tim Laudner (1958)
Heathcliff Slocumb (1966)
Donaldo Mendez (1978)
Virgil Vasquez (1982)
Mark Lowe (1983)
Luke Farrell (1991)

Dusty Boggess was a National League umpire from 1944-62.

Rosey Gilhousen was a long-time scout who is credit for signing George Brett and Dan Quisenberry.

Bobby Marcano was an all-star in Japan.

Bill Hohn was a major league umpire since 1989-99 and 2002-10.

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Happy Birthday–June 4

Tim Murnane (1851)
Tony Venzon (1915)
Billy Hunter (1928)
John McNamara (1932)
Phil Linz (1939)
Terry Kennedy (1956)
Tony Pena (1957)
Kurt Stillwell (1965)
Scott Servais (1967)
Rick Wilkins (1967)
Darin Erstad (1974)
J. C. Romero (1976)
Cody Stashak (1994)

 Tim Murnane had a long and varied career in baseball, but is best remembered as a sportswriter in Boston.

Tony Venzon was a National League umpire from 1957-71.

John McNamara managed six different major league clubs, going to the World Series with Boston in 1986.

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2021 Game Log 54 – Twins at Orioles

Wow, game 54. That means after tonight the season will be 1/3 over. Besides June 1 being the start of "meteorological summer," it can also mean we are heading into the meat of the baseball season. Twins in the second game against the Orioles looking for their 17th win in a row against this team. Wow, that's hard to do, especially since they only play some 6-7 games a year, so the win streak goes back to 2018 or 2019 (I didn't check).

Big Mike on the mound tonight and he's been what you would expect from a 3rd or 4th guy on your staff, steady performance. Some better than others, decent numbers, Ks, etc. Bruce Zimmerman for the O's and he's been pretty lousy on a lousy team including a 5.15 ERA and a 1.53 WHIP. Woof.

Game time a 6:05p and should be a glorious night for baseball in Baltimore. Let's keep that streak alive Twins!

Twins Lineup
LF - Garlick
3B - Donaldson
DH - Cruz
C - Garver
RF - Kirilloff
2B - Polanco
1B - Sano
CF - Refsnyder
SS - Simmons

2021 Game Log 48: Orioles at Twins

Twins playing better lately and with a little bit of juice so let's hope it continues against the Orioles tonight.

O's put up Dean Kremer tonight. I have him down as a reliever so not sure if Baltimore is going with an Opener situation. As with most Orioles, he hasn't been very good. Hopefully the Twins can tee off on him. Jose Berrios for the Twins and he's been decent but not great. I'd love to see 7-8 nice innings from Jose tonight.

Should be a gorgeous night for baseball and will be my first game. I am not sure if I've even seen a game on TV as I am in Bally Sports Network hell. Looking forward to it. Not sure if I will spend for pricey tix or do the cheap, walk around route.

6:40 first pitch!

Twins Lineup
DH - Kepler
3B - Donaldson
RF - Kiriloff
1B - Sano
2B - Polanco
C - Garver
LF - Larnach
CF - Refsnyder
SS - Simmons