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2021 Game Log 5: Twins at Tigers

Except for one little 9th inning hiccup and a couple of GI issues (oh and Josh Donaldson), I think Twins fans can all be pretty happy the way the season has gone so far. A 3-1 record, Buxton and Cruz hitting bombas, Arraez getting on base at 6.9420 clip, great starting pitching etc. So let's keep it going.

New Twin J.A. Happ on the mound today and the Twins only lefty. Not a big strikeout guy but maybe a good veteran presence. He's certainly been around both leagues a bit. Casey Mize for the Tigers, a former #1 pick who made his debut last year but wasn't spectacular.

After scoring 15 runs yesterday big concern about saving some for today but Twins' bats should match up well against Mize so no worries there. 12:10p start.

Twins Lineup
Arraez - 2B
Polanco - SS
Cruz - DH
Kepler - RF
Rooker - LF
Cave - CF
Sano - 1B
Astudillo - 3B
Jeffers - C

2020 Game Log 44 and 45 – Twins at Cardinals

Two games today against the Cardinals. So this is a game log for both. Also I am pretty sure these are 7 inning games. These are the only two games against St. Louis and then the Twins don't play until Friday again. I know this has been a crazy schedule due to the truncated season, but not sure how this week's schedule came about.

Berrios pitching game 1, Dobnak in game two.

First game line up:
2b Arraez
3B Donaldson
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Sano
RF Cave
CF Buxton
C Astudillo

Game 1 at 1:15p; Game 2 at 4:15p.

2020 Game 37 – White Sox at Twins

Hey Big Mike, good to have you back. You see the Twins have really been scuffing along lately. Poor pitching, even poorer hitting, some sloppy fielding to just to add to the misery. So I know you haven't been around lately but it sure would be nice if you made up for your absence (ahem) and blow away a bunch of White Sox batters. Just sayin'...

Dallas Keuchel on the mound for the Sox and he's probably what the Chicago was looking for in a veteran pitcher. Let's hope the Twins can get some timely hits of the crafty lefty.

Oh and Byron Buxton's back too!!!

Fun line up tonight for Twins, let's see if that snaps them out of their zombie like state.

Line Up
1b Sano
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
RF Gonzalez
3B Adrianza
CF Buxton
2B Vargas
C Jeffers

2020 Game Log 31: Twins at Spiders

So the 2020 season is officially half over and the Twins sitting pretty at 20-10. Google tells me that's winning every two out of three games or a .66666666666666666666666 winning percentage. They've done it with pretty good pitching and some timely hitting, which will usually lead to winning lots of games. Seems to prove out.

Speaking of good pitching, Justin Shane Bieber on the mound for Clevelanders. He is really good with a Yummy 5-0 record this year. WHIP of 0.75, 65ks in 40.2 innings with just 6 walks and 25 hits. But Never Say Never Twins fans, Rich Hill is due for a stellar performance himself.

Game time at 6:10 Central