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FMD 8-25-17: Teaching Kids About Music

Over the last few weeks I've had the chance to expose my kids to a good amount of music that they hadn't ever (or at least regularly) heard before. For our trip I burned some CDs (because no ipod/smart phone... a topic for a different forum). One an Oldies Mix and one a Weird Al mix (because fun!). The WGOM was instructive a ways back on the Oldies Mix, so thanks all for that.

I've also had my kids plinking away on the piano a little bit lately. I don't actually know how to play myself, but I know enough about chords and the like that I can point them in a direction here or there. I'm hoping to get Aquinas into piano lessons before too long, but there aren't too many people teaching out our way these days.

Anyway, it's been fun to watch the kids learning about music, making requests about new things, experimenting on the piano, etc. I'm often surprised by what clicks with them, and what they're interested in exploring further.

I'd love to hear more parents' "teaching their kids music" stuff. What should I be throwing their way? What about some of our more seasoned parents... did your kids take after your music tastes? Butt heads? Etc. So there's our topic for the day: teaching kids about music.

Friday Music Day … Pinch Hitter

My Mom was in town for a conference yesterday. She stopped by my office to drop off some stuff (borrowed travel mugs, random toys for the kids, etc.) and said she'd included a few (looked like about 25) of what she suspected might be my CD's, CD's they had that she didn't know the provenance of, or discs that they didn't want anymore and thought I'd like. I was pretty sure I'd collected all of my belongings from their house when we moved back to Minnesota 8 years ago, or in the interim, so I'll be interested to see what she gave me ... and what they think I like.

Anyway - drop your random below.