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Game 40: Twins at Pirates

Mike Pelfrey v Jeff Locke

This squad has been pretty fun to watch over the last couple of weeks, so here's hoping that trend continues.

Go Twins!


1. Santana SS
2. Dozier 2B
3. Mauer 1B
4. Plouffe! 3B
5. Hunter RF
6. Suzuki C
7. Hicks CF
8. Robinson LF
9. Pelfrey P

1. Harrison RF
2. Walker 2B
3. McCutchen CF
4. Marte LF
5. Kang 3B
6. Alvarez 1B
7. Cervelli C
8. Mercer SS
9. Locke P

2012 Game Logs: Game 66 Twins @ Pirates

Scott "Possibly Maybe A Future All-Star" Diamond


Kevin "Probably Never An All-Star" Correia

In the weeks approaching the trading deadline I am going to take a look at negotiations that Terry Ryan will be taking part in an attempt to make the Twins better for the future. This week, Terry Ryan makes a stop in Vegas.

Next week: Trade talks heat up and Terry Ryan looks for shop credit.