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2012 Game 65: Brewers at Twins

We finish our set with the Brewers today after a couple of rough games (I think; I typed this in the middle of yesterday's game and just assumed we weren't coming back. I'm cynical like that).

Alright, let's get excited about...

Greinke versus Blackburn?! Okay, so let's get excited about something that's not baseball-related. Suggestions: Beer, the NBA Finals, Turbo Survivor at CdL, stamp collecting, classic episodes of "Mama's Family," Sid and Marty Krofft puppets, smokeless tobacco and Christmas.

I'll actually get to see one of my Sunday games since I'm closing today, but I'll keep my optimism in check on this one. Still, there's always the threat of Trevor Plouffe hanging over opposing pitchers.

Go Twins.