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Game 55: rays @ twins

With exactly one third of the season in the books, our intrepid crew is on pace to win 48 games. That would be....not good.

It would actually be the fourth worst record (winning percentage-wise) of the integration era. It would involve losing 114 games, which would be the 6th most in the "people playing baseball" era. The 1906 Cubs didn't lose this many games in their entire season, and we're sneaking up on the 2001 Mariners' 46 games.

The nice part? They don't look like the fourth worst team in history, so it should probably get better from here - but they would be advised to hurry up and get better.

Let's see if Ervin Santana and Byron Buxton can start the resurgence.

No Twins on Leaderboards this week, but Nunez is on the batting average chart (5th) and Mauer has sneaked back on the OBP chart (7th).