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Game 11 Recap: Minnesota Twins 3, New York Yankees 8

After Monday night's victory, I was a little concerned that the Mayans were right about this year. Order has been restored, and all is apparently right with the world: The Yankees beat the Twins again tonight.

Despite actually scoring some runs against Sabathia early in the game, both leads they earned were promptly lost by Liriano who continued his struggles. Once Sabathia had a lead he mowed the Twins down like he seems to do every time they face him. I didn't really have my hopes up since, well, it's the Yankees. Add in watching Span & Gardy tossed by an insecure umpire, and it wasn't a terribly fun baseball game.

Win tomorrow and the series win is still in order. With Jason Marquis on the mound I have no fear!

WP: Cap'n Crunch Sabathia (1-0) | LP: Francisco Liriano (0-2)
Josh Willingham: Awesome baseball player.
Greg Gibson: Terrible umpire. Oh wait, that's redundant. Umpire.