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2014 Game 68: Twins at Red Sox

RIP, Tony Gwynn. I quit smoking several years ago, and I quit chew about five minutes after my first dip of Skoal. Play ball!

Twins Lineup:
Santana, SS
Dozier, 2B
Mauer, 1B
Willingham, LF
Morales, DH
Arcia, RF
Suzuki, C
Escobar, 3B
Fuld, CF

Red Sox Lineup:
Holt, LF
Bogaerts, 3B
Pedroia, 2B
Ortiz, DH
Napoli, 1B
Nava, RF
Drew, SS
Pierzynski, C
Bradley, CF

On the Mound:
Rubby De La Rosa (1-2, 3.93 ERA)
Kevin Correia (3-7, 5.60 ERA)

2011 Game 79: Twins v Trustee aka in re Dodgers

Late night reports from Target field hint that the hometown 9 25 do indeed have a pulse. But questions remain:

Will the Twins win the series?
Does Jim Thome really watch reruns of the Mod Squad in the clubhouse?
Why haven't Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau hugged lately?
If Joe Nathan throws 93 mph from a train leaving Eighth Street, at what time does he arrive home?
Who the hell is Rubby De La Rosa, and why do I feel dirty when I say it out loud?
Will Nishioka eat grits?
Does Scott Baker look at the bullpen out of respect for Bert?
Will these questions ever be answered?

Rubby De La Rosa pitching against Twin's undeniable champion, ace, and all around nice guy, Scott Baker.


1. Revere 8
2. Nishioka 6
3. _auer 2
4. Righthanded w/ power 9
5. Thome Bench spot saver
6. Dani 5
7. Hughes 3
8. Repko 7
9. Tolbot 4

1. Gwynn 7
2. Blake 5
3. Ethier 9
4. Dairy Brand 8
5. Lonely 3
6. Uribe 4
7. Thames DH
8. Navarro 2
9. Gordon 6

Go Twins!