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Game 127 Recap: Rays 5, Twins 4

Well, shoot.

It hurts to lose a winnable game.  It was all right there for the Twins.  They led 4-2 after four innings and 4-3 through five.  But then Tommy Milone was perhaps left in a bit too long, the score was tied, and then Kurt Suzuki, who we're constantly told is a really good defensive catcher, allowed a passed ball to score what turned out to be the tying run.

It hurts to lose a winnable game.  The Twins, who had been so good with men in scoring position throughout the winning streak, went 1-for-6 in that situation last night.  Had they managed one more hit with men in scoring position, they might have won the game.

It hurts to lose a winnable game.  But on the other hand, during the winning streak, they won some losable games, too.  At some point, it was probably bound to even out.  It might have been easier to take if the winning streak had ended with an 8-2 loss, but the result in the standings would've been the same.

Still, a 6-4 road trip against three fairly good teams is nothing to be ashamed of.  We come home to play another good team, the Houston Astros.  There's a sentence I didn't expect to write this season.  Kyle Gibson, who has been alternating good and bad games, goes for the Twins.  He'll face Scott Kazmir, who's having an excellent year and who handled the Twins pretty easily the last time he faced them.  It won't be easy, but we know how it's going to come out.  Tonight we start our season ending thirty-five game winning streak!  We'll just have to settle for 100-62!

Game 126 Recap: Twins 5, Rays 3

Okay, everyone who a week ago, when the Yankees wrapped up their sweep of the Twins, thought the Twins would go on to win their next six games on the road, raise your hands.  Okay, now put your hands down, because you know you're lying.

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