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2015 Game 3: Twins at Tigers

Sean tells me that this is the twelfth time - ever - that a team has started the season by getting shut out twice. If the Twins are going to be just one of twelve rather than one of one to hold the record, they'll be needing that run today. I fully expect for there to be a sarcastic cheer when the Twins score a run, so let's get that out of the way and maybe even consider getting out of Detroit with a win.

Today, Kyle Gibson faces Shane Greene. Who is Shane Greene? This is his sophomore campaign after being a meh starter for the Yankees last year in fourteen games. He was an old rookie at 27, and his upside looks to be pretty limited, as he strikes out some but walks too many. He does KEEP THE BALL DOWN, though, so expect no home runs in our quest for a run. If they prove me wrong, even better.

At least there's no Scherzer or Verlander here, right?

Let's take something positive from this series, Twins.