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game x, twins @ tigers

Deduno takes on Fister. This game is sort of a 'must win' for the Tigres, so i'd love to see them lose it. We'kre coming to the bitter end here. It's tremendously unlikely that the Hammer is going to gain another spot on th countup, so about the only things we have left are Mauer's hopeful batting title, and the chance to spoil other teams' playoff chances.

That's cool, too, I guess.

2011 Game 134: Spoilers on the South Side

Yahoo sez:

Buehrle has a 0.39 ERA this season and 26 wins in his career against Minnesota, reasons the White Sox should feel confident heading into Monday night’s opener of a three-game set at U.S. Cellular Field.

On July 10th, the Twins had just taken the third of four games from the South Siders and were heading home for an extended homestand, following the All-Star game break. We were excited. The club had managed to trim nine games from its division deficit (which had peaked on May 23 at 15.5). And we were going home to beat up on the Landed Gentlemen, then face down our two biggest division threats of Cleveland and Detroit. The team had its fate in its hands.

Four games against KC added to the excitement, as our boys took three of four, for their fifth straight series win. They were now within five games of the top of the division and facing division-leading Cleveland. Time to make our move? Meh. Two losses, followed by two wins. Water treaded.

Hey, division-leading Detroit is next. We lost three of four. Something was telling us that this was not our year. A 4-6 West Coast trip didn't help our moods, but at least we were going home to beat up on the ChiSox again. I mean, we own these guys, right?

Three. Game. Sweep. Series over, season over.

All we have left now is our shattered pride and a shot at some Schadenfreude. The Sox are a half-game above .500 (a place the Twins have never been this season) and six games back of Detroit -- close enough that they seem to think they've got a shot. Minny plays seven games against the Sox in the next 10 days. All I ask is that we shatter some dreams the next week and a half, boys. The word for the day, again, is Schadenfreude.

Pitching matchup: Hound Dog Slowey vs. Cy Brrly.