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Game 106: Twins @ Cardinals

We get another start from Big Mike! That's not something a lot of people thought would happen, but with Berrios and Happ gone, Pineda gets to be the veteran starter for the rest of this season. He's had two good starts since the All- Star break, classic Pineda starts of 5 or 6 innings, allowing 1 or 2 runs. You know, the kind of starts that apparently have no trade value.

Let's all take a minute to appreciate Jorge Polanco's July:  .327/.366/.548, 6 HR

And there was Luis Arraez in July as well:  .373/.415/.458

Alright,  those are the positive vibes I got.  Go Twins!


2020 Game Log 44 and 45 – Twins at Cardinals

Two games today against the Cardinals. So this is a game log for both. Also I am pretty sure these are 7 inning games. These are the only two games against St. Louis and then the Twins don't play until Friday again. I know this has been a crazy schedule due to the truncated season, but not sure how this week's schedule came about.

Berrios pitching game 1, Dobnak in game two.

First game line up:
2b Arraez
3B Donaldson
SS Polanco
DH Cruz
LF Rosario
1B Sano
RF Cave
CF Buxton
C Astudillo

Game 1 at 1:15p; Game 2 at 4:15p.

Game 38 — Redbirds at Twins

St. Louis Cardinal time again. After dominating them last week in St. Louis the Twins are looking to pluck the Cardinals once again and put a stop to a 2-game slide. Jose Berrios on the mound for the Twins and it sure would be nice to have the April Berrios and not the May Berrios show up tonight. Jack Flahery for the Cardinals.

7:10p start and it looks like it will be absolutely gorgeous weather tonight.

Game 32 — Twins at Cardinals

Twins on a four game winning streak. Only 1.5 games behind the Clevelanders. Byron Buxton should be ready to play this week. All looking rosy for the Twins after a dreadful late April. Could be a nice pitcher's duel today with Jake Odorizzi up against Carlos Martinez, who's been pretty dang good this year. Perfect St. Louis weather for an afternoon game. If I worked in downtown St. Louis, probably a great day to play hooky and head over to the ballpark.

12:10p Start.

2015 Game 63: Minnesota Twins at Saint Louis Cardinals

The Twins head back out on the road after a 1-5 homestand that held such comical moments as the only 3-triple, 1-run inning in the expansion era. After an expectation defying May, June has tempered the excitement of the optimists and confirmed the expectations of the pessimists. After the first real spark of interest in their team in years, it was enough to cause the front office to consider something desperate!

Okay, well, maybe not that dramatic. The latest top prospect to get the call, Byron Buxton joined the team yesterday and played a role, if not a significant or flashy one. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I don't believe Buxton was setting any worlds on fire in AA so far this year. Still, at this point, I'm fine with a little shake up. I'm assuming the job is his to lose so far, so lets hope he sticks for awhile.

The Twins open a mini-interleague series in Budweiser territory tonight. This will be Minnesota's first visit to the Mound City since 2009. May was the tough luck loser last time and has been pitching well of late. He'll take on a tough assignment tonight against the league's best team. Lackey's last start was not a good, and he looks to rebound from a 10-run drubbing.

After his iijection and suspensiion, Hunter will join the rejoin the team today, Also, a happy birthday to to Plouffe! and Nunez. Hopefully they can spread a little birthday love around.

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MLB Championship Series Doubleheader

After playing until 12:30 last night, the Dodgers-Cardinals series has the early start in Game 2. 3 pm TBS Kershaw for the Dodgers, Wacha for the Redbirds. With Hanley Ramirez's injured, Nick Punto will get the start at SS for the Dodgers. I expect many many 'sliding into first' jokes and they will all be glorious.

FOX finally gets into the MLB Playoffs with the ALCS getting underway in Boston. Sanchez throws for Detroit, Lester for the Sox. Gametime is 7pm

its finally here. NLCS Game 1

LA Dodgers at St Louis Cardinals

Grienke -vs- Kelly

7:30 TBS

with the Pirates and A's bounced, most people's rooting interest have fallen by the wayside. Now we are in 'let cheer for compelling baseball' mode. I think I can talk myself into cheering for the Dodgers because of Puig!!! and Clayton Kershaw is a really good pitcher, but the whole 'spending a quarter billion dollars on payroll' thing is a huge turnoff.