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2019 Game 145: Washington Nationals at Minnesota Twins

Stephen Strasburg
Martín Pérez

A good postseason test tonight for the Twins. Strasburg is really good. Pérez is a pitcher. Berríos delivered a very strong start yesterday and it's Pérez's turn to get five acceptable innings before handing it to the *checks notes* 12-man bullpen. Batters, this isn't Berríos, please don't forgot about the dongers.

2016 Game 18: Twins at Nationals

They say a baseball season gives you two months to figure out what's wrong with your team, two months to fix it, and two months to contend. This team may need more time on the front end than that.

Due to stiffness in Irvin Santana's back, Tyler Duffy will get today's start for the Twins. Duffy did well in limited time last year and contended for the the final rotation spot throughout spring training. He'll square off against Stephen Strasburg because what the [redacted], it's not like we haven't faced enough really good starting pitching already this year, right?

So yeah, the Twins play so far this season leaves something to be desired. But what the hell, folks, it's the only game in town.

Play ball.