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Game 49: The Texases vs. The Minnesotas

Welp, here's that losing streak we all feared. Maybe it won't be as bad now that some guys are back who actually have OF next to their name on their baseball cards.

Darvish (4-2, 2.35 ERA) vs. Hughes (5-1, 3.15 ERA)

Hmmm, not really the best guy to have to face to get out of this losing streak. Having Hughes starting this game combined with the Rangers injury woes should help give the Twins a fighting chance to avoid making it a 5 game streak. He's no Johan, but it's nice to have a guy that gives you the feeling that he can go out there while the team is struggling to win and give them a good chance at getting back on track.

I've used the featured image for a game log before, but I probably should have saved it for this game since its the Twins vs. the Rangers at the Bullseye. Hopefully this game goes as well as that one did.