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Game 43: The Minnesotas vs. The San Diegos

I'm going to run this naming convention into the ground, I think. Thanks, WGOM hall of fame voting process!

Kevin Correia (1-5, 6.80 ERA) vs. Ian Kennedy (2-5, 3.60 ERA)

On paper, this is not the best starting pitcher matchup for the Twins. Correia is about as ho-hum as it gets and has not been particularly good so far, although based on some percentages I think he's been at least a but unlucky. His HR/FB% and LD% are even a bit lower than career averages, so I'm thinking the lack of being able to strike anyone out is hurting him a bit.

Kennedy, on the other hand, has peripherals that look better than his ERA with a FIP of 2.55 and an xFIP of 2.80. He strikes guys out and Petco is probably keeping a lot of fly balls in the park. That 2-5 probably also has to do with pitching for a team with the suckiest of sucky offenses (dead last in OBP and runs scored in the entire MLB. But holy sh!t, the Astros have far and away the worst team batting WAR in the league. Man would it suck to be a Houston fan.). Of course, that suckiest of the sucky offenses should help cancel out that starting pitching mismatch and make this more of an even game.

Anyway, I expect this game log will be bS talking to himself (or possibly Spooky if he isn't working) for two hours once everyone else goes to bed.