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2023 Game Log 145 – Rays at Twins

Twins slow march to the Central Division title continues with a second game against the really good Tampa Bay Rays. Twins once again at 6 games over .500 after reaching a season high 8 games over on Saturday. Joe Ryan on the mound for the Twins. Former Twin Zach Little pitching for the Rays. My sources list Zach Little as a reliever so not sure if this is a bullpen game for the Rays. However, he did pitch 8 pretty solid innings last week so perhaps Little is being stretched out to be a starter.

Twins Magic Number now 11 for both Guardians and Tigers.

Game time 6:40.

Game 61: rays @ twins

We're almost through what looked to be the scariest part of the schedule, and the Twins have done alright. Two of three in Toronto, one of three against the Yankees, and now one of one against Tampa.

The best part has been watching the offense come alive against some really good pitching. In the aforementioned games, they've knocked around Gausmann, Tailon, Nestor, and Cole. Those are some good pitchers.

Today, they get to face off against a guy making his 2022 debut. Unfortunately, the Rays get to face off against Chi Chi, which is.... suboptimal. Hopefully Joe Ryan and Bailey Over and Sonny Gray get back soon, because the rotation is in rough shape.

Go Twins!

Game 118: Twins v. Rays

First team to 10 runs wins! That's been the series so far, with blowouts going both ways in the first two games.

Brent Rooker sure likes hitting against the Rays, huh? 6 for 9 in the first two games, with 2 homers, a double, and not a single strikeout. This after going 0 for 11 with 9 strikeouts in the previous series against the White Sox.

Luis Arraez just likes hitting against anyone. I feel like he's the one in the lineup that I watch and think "but how does he do that?" the most often. After hitting only .304 in June,  Arraez hit .373 in July and .417 so far in August.

Charlie Barnes starts for the Twins.  That hasn't gone great so far this year, but maybe this time will be different.

Luis Patiño goes for the Rays and he's had one good start out of four since joining the rotation about a month ago.

Looking at the most recent starts for these pitchers,  it just might end up being another race to 10 runs this afternoon.