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Game 55: The Third Place Twins vs. The Where you Expect Them To Be Royals

Lake Deduderino (1-1, 5.11 ERA) vs. Mendoza (1-2, 4.63 ERA)

Hey, its Tuesday!

I just found out Deduno's middle name is Lake, which should make him a great fit for Minnesota because of lakes. Anyway, while I can't read his mind, I expect he'd like to build off of a pretty good start last week against Milwaukee in which he threw the most innings in a game a starter has thrown for the Twins since, I think and without looking this up, Johan Santana was with the team. Granted, it came against what is a very, very bad Brewers team, but on the bright side, this start is coming against a very bad Royals team. Plus, per Pos's recent column on the subject, they hate walks, which is good for Deduno.

More importantly, today marks the return of Clete Thomas. I know the anticipation was thick, and now all that waiting should finally pay off. Probably in the form of many, many strikeouts, though.

Hopefully, the power can continue and the Twins can do what they ought to be able to do against the lowly Royals.