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Game 39: Twins @ Pirates

Ugh, Nolasco (3-1, 6.38 ERA, 4.85 xFIP) vs. F-Bomb (1-3, 2.96 ERA, 3.19 xFIP)

I am....not so confident in this matchup other than the fact that Nolasco gets to pitch against an NL team. I don't know, maybe it'll help make him less 'ugh' and more 'meh'?

I haven't paid much attention, but it looks like Liriano is generally pitching pretty well this year, striking dudes out all over the place. He does have a .215 BABIP, though, so he might be getting a bit lucky on the balls that make it out into the field. Hopefully that is the case and that average heads north a bit tonight.

In addition to a mid-season interleague matchup, the Wolves have their annual "playoff" tonight (7:30 on ESPN) in which they participate in a selection of ping-pong balls to determine which crappy team gets the good picks in the draft. This event will set off a solid month of speculating just which incorrect pick Flip will make. Should be fun!