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Game 48 Recap: Oakland Athletics 4, Minnesota Twins 5

sorry, you guys. totally forgot about the recap. i must have thought it was a dream or something with capps (barely) shutting the door (here's proof if you don't believe me). the twins rallied from behind, tying the game on a ball that the mountie knocked the crap out of, and donut gave them the lead with a ball that was about 50 feet from being a home run. twins baseball!

i’m sticking with the “When will teh suck end” tag as i’m unconvinced, but this is an important first step.

Game 17 Recap: Boston Red Sox 6, Minnesota Twins 5

fangraphs (roller coaster of suck)
mlb recap

yet another game i was unable to watch or hear. this made me particularly upset as i've been able to hear about 2% of TK's broadcasts, and i already love them. i was able to "follow" along on gameday, and was able to "watch" in "real time" as capps does what he does. i'm not going to say it, so you guys can. also, while you're saying stuff, please think up some arguments for me to take to the boss on how getting mlb.tv is essential towards our quality of life.

i wanted to embed the JC/plouffe! play to give us some measure of happiness, but i came up short. sounds about right.

Game 166 4 Recap: LALALA Angels 5 – Minnesota Twins 1

i don't have much for you guys, but thankfully this game didn't warrant much. didn't see it. kept a very wandering eye on gameday for the first few innings, but that was (mercifully) it. just a couple points to note:

  • the twins have scored 6 runs in 4 games this year
  • the twins have tied the franchise worse start of 0-4 in `69 and `81 this year
  • the twins have yet to, in general, not suck this year

please note that the "When will teh Suck End?" tag was already stored in the .org database.

2011 Game 39: Twins at Mariners

Finally, the Twins get to pick on somebody their own size. The Worst Team in Baseball is 12-256; the Mariners, 16-23 and in last place in the A.L. West, percentage points "up" on the Bitch Sox for second worst record in the A.L.

Seattle returns home from an 0-4 East Coast (err, Bal'more and Cleveland) trip that ended with consecutive rainouts. So they should be well rested.

Pitching matchup

Scott Baker (3.71 ERA, 4.36 FIP, 3.76 xFIP, 97 tRA+, 40:15 K:BB in 43 2/3) vs.
Michael Pineda (2.84 ERA, 2.67 FIP, 3.31 xFIP, 145 tRA+, 45:13 K:BB in 44 1/3)

The 22-year old rookie right-hander Pineda has been very effective to date, echoing his minor league performance (2.49 ERA, 396:93 K:BB in 404 1/3). He's a fastball-slider guy and, according to PitchFx, Pineda has a VERY live fastball (avg 95.1 MPH), with the slider coming in at 84.7. A right-handed F-Bomb??

Oh, and in case that wasn't discouraging enough, here's some salt in your wounds from the Yahoo preview:

Minnesota outfielder Delmon Young(notes) went 1 for 12 with seven strikeouts against Toronto over the weekend in his return from rib soreness that sidelined him nearly a month. Young is a .227 lifetime hitter at Safeco Field with 18 strikeouts in 66 at-bats.

Enjoy some West Coast baseball, kids. I will be at the Girl's violin lesson for most of this one.