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2021 Game Log 54 – Twins at Orioles

Wow, game 54. That means after tonight the season will be 1/3 over. Besides June 1 being the start of "meteorological summer," it can also mean we are heading into the meat of the baseball season. Twins in the second game against the Orioles looking for their 17th win in a row against this team. Wow, that's hard to do, especially since they only play some 6-7 games a year, so the win streak goes back to 2018 or 2019 (I didn't check).

Big Mike on the mound tonight and he's been what you would expect from a 3rd or 4th guy on your staff, steady performance. Some better than others, decent numbers, Ks, etc. Bruce Zimmerman for the O's and he's been pretty lousy on a lousy team including a 5.15 ERA and a 1.53 WHIP. Woof.

Game time a 6:05p and should be a glorious night for baseball in Baltimore. Let's keep that streak alive Twins!

Twins Lineup
LF - Garlick
3B - Donaldson
DH - Cruz
C - Garver
RF - Kirilloff
2B - Polanco
1B - Sano
CF - Refsnyder
SS - Simmons